#GiveWithLily is the ask that gives you a reason to act on your wish to help children in danger.

We are collecting and raising money to buy gifts for foster children and homeless youth and help people who need food. Foster kids have a life with no mom and dad to help care for them. They are more likely to become homeless, poor, and less educated. I donate to Mattress Firm Foster Kids, Larkin Street Youth Services, and the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. If we don’t help each other, then who will? This website allows me to share our toy drive ideas with more people. It also lets you donate money from wherever you are. Most importantly, It gives me a chance to thank people for donating.


*There are more than 62,097 Foster Youths in California right now. *13% are placed in 3 or more homes. *38% are placed more than 11 miles from their homes. *62% spend more than 2 years in Foster Care. *12% who are reunited or adopted out re-enter foster care. *19% enter foster care by age 5. *84% are placed because of neglect.                                                                                                                                                 *Siblings that get separated while they are in foster care can experience trauma.

Child abuse

*9.9% because of abuse. **Child Abuse is the 3rd most common cause of death in american children under 4. **60% of girls become pregnant within a few years of leaving the system. **30% of abused and neglected children will later go on to abuse their own children.


**52% of foster youth attend schools that rank in the lowest 30%. **50% of foster youth leaving the system are unemployed. **50% of former foster youth will be homeless during their first two years after exiting foster care. *(source: kidsdata.org) *(source: promises2kids.org)