Thank you to my donors!

Thank you to all of you for kicking off the toy drive with more money than I raised all of last year.  I think you all are very caring and kind.

Here is who has donated so far:

Special thanks-

  • Craig Ackerman for being the largest donation and for matching $500 of donations at the BNI meeting.
  • Anthony and Ashley Quach of twelve55 Creative for donating our website, logo, flyers, business cards and #flatlily.

For Toys-

  • My friends Veronica and Keira for donating 3 toys

Direct Donations for Lily to shop-

  • Kendra Cannoy
  • Chris Shields
  • Maria Barak
  • Peter Godden
  • Olivia Yun
  • Michael Hoyt
  • Franzi Frey
  • Eric Boeing
  • Stuart Locklear
  • Peter Pham
  • Zach Johnson
  • Linda Munoz
  • Mindi Nemeroff
  • Gail Guterres
  • Austyn Pangilinan – age 9 gave all of his savings $5
  • Elva Harding
  • Joanne Fazzino
  • John Unruh
  • Dr Bradley Bailey
  • Stacey Fleece
  • Beth Hodess
  • Michael Palladino
  • Andrew Pink
  • Patrick Gardner
  • Virginia Maddan
  • Jeannine Kay
  • Jeff Pink
  • Amir Atashi Rang
  • David Korsunsky
  • Mark Perlmutter
  • Daniel Wayne
  • Jason Rogers
  • Esther Burciaga


Give With Lily

Give With Lily Cause

#GiveWithLily is the ask that gives you a reason to act on your wish to help children in danger.


We are collecting toys and raising money to buy toys for foster children.

Foster kids have a life with no mom and dad to help care for them. They are more likely to grow up to be homeless, poor and less educated.

If we don’t help each other, then who will?

This website allows me to share our toy drive ideas with more people. It also lets you donate money from wherever you are. Most importantly, It gives me a chance to thank people for donating.


*There were 62,097 Foster Youths in California in 2014.
*13% are placed in 3 or more homes.
*38% are placed more than 11 miles from their homes.
*62% spend more than 2 years in Foster Care.
*12% who are reunited or adopted out re-enter foster care.
*19% enter foster care by age 5.
*84% are placed because of neglect.

Child abuse

*9.9% because of abuse.
**Child Abuse is the 3rd most common cause of death in american children under 4.
**60% of girls become pregnant withing a few years of leaving the system.
**30% of abused and neglected children will later go on to abuse their own children.


**52% of foster youth attend schools that rank in the lowest 30%.
**50% of foster youth leaving the system are unemployed.
**50% of former foster youth will be homeless during their first two years after exiting foster care.