Thank you to my donors!

Thank you to all of you for kicking off the toy drive with more money than I raised all of last year.  I think you all are very caring and kind.

Here is who has donated so far:

Special thanks-

  • Craig Ackerman for being the largest donation and for matching $500 of donations at the BNI meeting.
  • Anthony and Ashley Quach of twelve55 Creative for donating our website, logo, flyers, business cards and #flatlily.

For Toys-

  • My friends Veronica and Keira for donating 3 toys

Direct Donations for Lily to shop-

  • Kendra Cannoy
  • Chris Shields
  • Maria Barak
  • Peter Godden
  • Olivia Yun
  • Michael Hoyt
  • Franzi Frey
  • Eric Boeing
  • Stuart Locklear
  • Peter Pham
  • Zach Johnson
  • Linda Munoz
  • Mindi Nemeroff
  • Gail Guterres
  • Austyn Pangilinan – age 9 gave all of his savings $5
  • Elva Harding
  • Joanne Fazzino
  • John Unruh
  • Dr Bradley Bailey
  • Stacey Fleece
  • Beth Hodess
  • Michael Palladino
  • Andrew Pink
  • Patrick Gardner
  • Virginia Maddan
  • Jeannine Kay
  • Jeff Pink
  • Amir Atashi Rang
  • David Korsunsky
  • Mark Perlmutter
  • Daniel Wayne
  • Jason Rogers
  • Esther Burciaga


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